The life and times of a CF lung transplant patient

Bribory… yeah it works.

I had clinic today and Shands being such a huge center is always packed on clinic day. They schedule all of us to come in at the same time like one giant cattle call. 8:00 AM we are all to report to the clinic, get our x-rays, get our labs drawn, and check our vitals before we are herded into the waiting room. For some reason even though I get there and do all my stuff when I’m supposed to, I always seem to be seen last sometime not being able to leave until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Today I set to change this recurrence by bringing in some treats I know my doctors love. Every time I’m in the hospital I pack my room with yummy treats to snack on at my leisure. Among these little morsels of yum are Oreos and pistachios. Dr. S will come in my room sometimes to only take some of my Oreo stash and leave without saying a word. Dr. B will come and take pocket fulls of pistachios after he checks up on me. So I brought in their favorite snacks to possibly help me get in and seen sooner. Now weather by coincidence or my bribe actually working, I was seen and out of there by noon today! I will be bringing them snack on clinic days from now on ;). 

My visit’s goal was not to give the docs little treats however… I was there on business checking on my health status and what not. A few things to highlight and worth mentioning. My fev1 (lung function) has gone up since i started being active with my horses again, from .55 to .60 (about 17% to 20%) that may not seem like much but ANY change in the right direction is good to me. I have lost some weight though so I need to try to balance my activity level and calorie burning with what I’m eating and how often. The weight issue has always been one of the most difficult thing to deal with and still have yet to find a good solution… just keep eating everything in sight I suppose. The biggest news I received today was most defiantly the COOLEST news Iv had I think EVER! My doctor gave me an approximate timeline for my TRANSPLANT!! He is the doctor who chooses who gets what organs when UNOS calls with available organs and he has told me already that my name has come up a few times but he didn’t feel there has been a good match for me yet. I told me today that judging by my current health and the rate at which they are transplanting, I should expect a call around this October or September! He told me that I will have the winter to recover and by spring, I should be good to have my wedding!!! I hope hes right, that would be so PERFECT!! Keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts to make sure this comes to fruition!

Going to sleep with happy thoughts!


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  1. Patricia Godding

    Keep up the good work. This is a valiant quest and you are an incredibly strong young woman. I know that the people who are following your posts will be helped and encouraged by reading about your struggles to reach your goals. We can all learn from others experiences. Thank you.

    May 20, 2012 at 1:02 pm

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